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Quad PCIe x1 Add-On Card Docking System (Dual 5.25 inch ODD Form Factor)

  • Dual 5.25" ODD form factor
  • Four PCIe x1 slots
    • Compliant with PCI Express base specification revision 2.0
    • PCIe Gen 2: 5 Gbps
  • Provides the PCI Express expansion solution for PCI Express x1 host cards

DB525-PCIED2XD1X40 is a PCI Express (PCIe) Add-On card docking system for IP8X-PCIE8XG201, IP4X-PCIE4XG201. The DB525-PCIED2XD1X40 provides four PCIe x1 slots and two dual-lane Internal PCIe ports (IOI Proprietary) in connection to the PCIe switch host card.  Designed to have with  the standard size of two 5.25" ODD form factor, DB525-PCIED2XD1X40 enables the user to have more PCI Express slot for the capability of installing more PCIe HBA.   

Technical Specifications
  • Upstream host connectors: Two dual-lane Internal PCIe ports (IOI Proprietary)
    • 10X2_19pin Header (Pitch=2.0mm)
    • 2-lane PCIe (Two PCIe x1)
  • Downstream Internal PCIe bus interface:
    • Four PCIe x1 slots
    • Supports 1-lane PCI Express bandwidth
  • Power connector: Two SATA 15pin power connectors
  • Dimensions
    • Dual 5.25" ODD form factor
    • 146.6(W) x 84(H) x 168 (D) mm
    • NW: 530g

PCIe x8 to One PCIe x4 & Four PCIe x1
Model No: IP8X-4X&Q1X