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USB 3.0 Std-A plug to Micro-B plug Cable with two Jackscrews (M2) on both ends (CB-00542, CB-00601, CB-00608, CB-00712, CB-00679)

Technical Specifications

USB 3.0 A Plug to USB 3.0 Micro-B Plug Cable with Jackscrews (M2) on both End


USB 3.0 Micro B Plug + Jackscrew M2*4

USB 3.0 A Plug + Jackscrew M2*4
Pitch: 19mm

Pitch: 22mm

Part No. LENGTH AWG (U3/U2/PWR) OD A Plug Pitch
CB-00601-03 3m 26/26/20 6.5mm 19mm
CB-00601-04 4m 26/26/20 6.5mm 19mm
CB-00601-05 5m 26/26/20 6.5mm 19mm
CB-00601-06 6m 26/26/20 6.5mm 19mm
CB-00601-07 7m 26/26/20 6.5mm 19mm
CB-00679-03 3m 26/26/20 6.5mm 22mm
CB-00679-04 4m 26/26/20 6.5mm 22mm
CB-00679-05 5m 26/26/20 6.5mm 22mm
CB-00679-06 6m 26/26/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A3MB206200 0.6m 30/30/22 5.5mm 19mm
CB-00608 1.5m 28/28/24 5.6mm 19mm
CB-00608-01 1m 28/28/24 5.6mm 19mm
CB-00608-02 2m 28/28/24 5.6mm 19mm
CB-00608-04 0.6m 28/28/24 5.6mm 19mm
CB-00712-02 0.2m 28/28/24 5.6mm 22mm
CB-00712-03 0.3m 28/28/24 5.6mm 22mm
CB-00712-05 0.5m 28/28/24 5.6mm 22mm
CB-00712-10 1m 28/28/24 5.6mm 22mm
U3A2MB220100 2m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A2MB230100 3m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A2MB240100 4m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A2MB250100 5m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A2MB260100 6m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A2MB270100 7m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm
U3A2MB280100 8m 26/28/20 6.5mm 22mm